Our Classes

Align Yoga

Focuses on quality of movement, with an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment. Often assisted with props to get into poses with correct alignment and helps to strengthen the muscles responsible for posture.

Hatha Yoga

Improve flexibility, strength and stability through static holds. Become familiar with foundational yoga poses and pranayama (breathwork). This class will help you develop body awareness and proprioception.

Strengh Flow

Practice strong, challenging postures. This class is suitable for experienced yogi's who want to advance their yoga practise. This energetic style of yoga will leave you feeling strong in the body and mind.

Ashtanga Yoga

This dynamic, physically demanding practice synchronizes breath and movement to produce an internal heat designed to purify the body.  Follow a set sequence of postures each time, gradually progressing through the series.

Slow Flow

Creates the element of time into the practice. Perfect for students wanting to learn more about poses (asanas), explore breath work and meditation. Emphasis is given to aligning breath with movement, slowing down and observation of self.

Yin Yoga

Consists of a series of longer held passive floor poses that work deep into the connective tissue and fascia throughout the body. Expanding flexibility to release blockages, myofascial release and increasing your energy flow.

Myofascial Release

Use foam rollers and myofascial balls to massage soft connective tissue (fascia). Release trigger points within the tissue by applying gentle, sustained pressure to help the muscles relax. The benefits include increased muscle mobility, improved circulation and faster recovery.


Utilising low impact flexibility and muscular strength endurance movements. The benefits include improving spinal alignment, core strength and muscle balance

Explore the Chakras - 7 week course (7 sessions)*

Learn about the 7 main energy centres in the body, known as the chakras. Discover the purpose of each chakra and become aware of any blockages. Use asana to re-balance each of these energy centres. 

*This course is pre-paid (not included in the membership)

Beginners Inroduction to Ashtanga Yoga - 4 week course (8 sessions)*

Learn the principals of Ashtanga Yoga and Ujjayi breathing. Master five yoga postures per session. Focus on linking breath and dynamic movement. Cultivate discipline in your yoga practice and enjoy a clear, focused mind. 

*This course is pre-paid (not included in the membership)

Foundations of Flow - 8 Week Course (8 sessions)*

Focusing on physical alignment and breath technique of asanas. Promoting confidence and practice and trust in self. Great introduction to yoga and also to revisit the beginner’s mind, mastering simplicity.

*This course is pre-paid (not included in the membership)

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